Offline; Day 1

Uuh. Considering that this day has started at 4am … not too sure what condition the house is in at the moment, but this morning I took offline all our networks and such. So I’m officially offline. See what a difference it’s made though? Told you it probably wouldn’t make too much difference.

I will be fully glad to be resettled. I really do hate moving.

Not doing anything writing related, but doing a lot of thinking about writing. I considered how to rework Tyson’s plot into a tighter, meaner and leaner format, but didn’t get too far. For those of you who might have forgotten (not surprised, it’s been a year) Tyson is my teen novel. Well, he’s not. He’s my main character. The novel doesn’t have a name really. If I can just get it sorted, Huia may still take it back.

My heads a little of a soup at the moment, but I guess that can be forgiven. Give me plenty of short fiction and I guess I will be happy for now. That and a fairly stable place to live, and things will be sweet.

Ah hah. But watch for my next post, that I might be from somewhere rather curious … more to come.


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