I’m almost one!

I figured that I should check up on when I started this blog. Turns out that it is almost a year ago. Curiously, I talk about my new job in this second post on the blog, on the 31st August, 2008. I talk about how I have to split my writing into my two lunch breaks, because that’s how my new job worked.

Sucker. How long did it take me to work out I should just write before work, and read during my lunch breaks?

I was busy hacking away on Tyson back then, my Huia submitted work in progress novel about a gay kid growing up in South Auckland. I talked about the Class of August, which is what I called the group of writers I spent locked in a room with last year (well, the door wasn’t locked). And just after the start of September, I was musing about serial fiction, after listening to good doses of Decoder Ring Theatre. How the times have changed …

A year on, I’m moving to a new job (well, when I get one). Actually, come the 31st of this month I will be in a new town, and this part of things will behind me, like a rather curiously long written chapter.


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