Last night a book saved my life

If there is one thing that I hate about moving (sparing you the very long list, I’m an Aries for one and can’t live without creature comforts) it is that one is without a library card. Last time I shifted, I clutched tightly to a copy of Rats and Gargoyles by Mary Gentle. She’s a hell of a writer, when it comes to thinks military. She had a degree in Medieval War Science, don’t you know?

And no. I don’t really own too many books that aren’t packed into a box.

To that end, I’ve had to get myself a tiny cache of books to see me through until I get a new library card (hopefully coinciding around the time I get a new library job). Somewhere here is the first 6 Dragonlance books. But I can’t find them just yet. I wouldn’t mind rereading those.

On the left (or is it up and left?) there is a cover of a book I gleaned from the second hand shelves, that I had to pick up just on amusement sake. That and it’s one of the few there that I might actually read. Harmless pulp. This one was written in 1987, presumably at the height of the Miami Vice craze.

And it’s a nice slim volume that can slip into my bag. Something
that is going to start becoming increasingly valuable as I start living off the creature comforts I can carry about with me.

How do you all deal with such things? Do you have a love affair with your library card? Or do you have a good stock of books to call on in these times of trouble and disruption?

Of course, there is the very real possibility that I won’t read at all in the coming months …

EDIT: Yay! Found all 6 Dragonlance books, and Dune besides!


2 thoughts on “Last night a book saved my life

  1. I would have once, but these days most of my reading material is on the iPaq. It’s making me think these e-readers might be a good idea, after all.

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