Star Wars and zombies, the ultimate combo?

At first the idea thrilled me, and I thought it was just a joke, but then when I investigated this little gem more, I wasn’t really as enthused as I thought I would be.

Yup, this is what it looks like. A Star Wars novel that follows in the footsteps of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In this one though, a prison ship (just at about the events of the 4th film, I believe) becomes infected. Prisoners start dying. And then, of course, start coming back from the dead!


The Star Wars fiction franchise is going all guns at the moment. One of the best ideas they had was this 9 books over a few years thing, written by three authors, piecing together one after the other. With Legacy of the Force done, there is now a new series starting. I get the feeling this might be the way of Star Wars pulp, excuse me, series from here on in.

(note to self, was the last series done this way?)

But amongst all these are a stack of one offs of varying coolness. One of the cooler was Death Star (surprisingly) set on the Death Star before its destruction, covering the lives on a bunch of the innocent victims of the war atrocity.

Death Trooper is another of these one offs. Harmless fun I guess. I guess Pride and Prejudice and Zombies isnt canon. It’s just absurd. This is. Well, we shall see. I doubt I will read it though.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars and zombies, the ultimate combo?

  1. Daaang. Thanks for the heads-up, actually. I was considering ordering some of these into the store. Not any more, though!

  2. Don’t get me wrong Ruzzie, the Legacy of the Force series is ok … but it IS pulp fiction. It’s just franchised pulp fiction. It serves its purpose.

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