Review; The Aphorisms of Kherishdar, by MCA Hogarth

I’ve been following the eFiction Bookclub for a while now, but nothing has really leaped out and made me want to read much more than the concept behind them. Ah, but now, here comes an exception.

Reading the concept and first part alone was enough to intrigue me and pull me in further. The Aphorisms are a series of short observations and stories by which we, the alien, may observe and understand the society of the narrator.

Each of the parts are called ‘incense stories’ because ‘as a small stick of incense can perfume an entire house, these stories are short but linger’. The term alone was warm and intriguing. The explanation of what an incense story is just shows the depth, beauty and craft of the author.

Each story is a gentle, beautifully crafted and just long enough to depart the wisdom they are meant to intend. The alien society in question is a graceful, long lived one, its aesthetic almost Japanese in its restraint and polite nature. But it’s a world I rather enjoyed exploring.

Actually, the story reminds me a lot of a game called Noctis. In it, you did nothing other than traveled between endless (literally) worlds, just looking and watching. A spectator on a beautiful but ultimately all but empty universe. If there were aliens in that universe, they would be as graceful as the ones in this story. The Aphorisms fill me with that same sense of wonder Noctis did. Everything alien, yet slightly familiar, yet no less intoxicating.

Definitely worth checking out, you can read it over at this website. Even buy a physical copy of it, should you wish to do so.

eFiction Book Club ratings;

Craft: OOOOO (5)
Gripping: OOO (3)
Emotive: OOOO (4)
Entertaining: OOO (3)


2 thoughts on “Review; The Aphorisms of Kherishdar, by MCA Hogarth

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