Non writing pursuits

Not long now …

“The disorganised science shelves tremble in fear. The gothic horror Poe tightly wrapped in their dark leathered covers whisper bleak. Words sinuous and unfettered crawl from Twain, and murmur black tidings; touched, tingling with terror. He comes. The Librarian returns.”

Quoted by a close friend of mine, when he heard that I am moving house. No small move, mind you, moving cities too. Fare thee well, poor Rotorua, I shall miss you a little. It’s not a bad place, but it ain’t no New Plymouth.

Of course this poses a few small problems. Other than finding a new job, I’m going to have to lose net for at least a few weeks. Possibly more. Hmmm … Well, I shall still be posting up AP for the meanwhile. And a few weeks before I leave this fare town. A week or so before I lose net though. At home at least.


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