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What’s in your bag, baby?

So, I usually lug about a hefty old Russell Athletics bag that I’ve had for countless years, and even got stolen, and found it’s way back to me. It’s loaded down heavy, probably due to it’s size with all sorts of crap.

Today I replaced it with a smaller bag, which can’t carry even half of what my old bag can. That’s a good thing, I think.

I pile through the crap I had in my old one, and very little makes it through to the new smaller bag. My Asus Eee is a given, my trusty writing implement of choice. Writing journal. Pencil and replacement leads. Gloves (black), ’cause it’s cold down here. A copy of the Hagakure. My iPod cable (I don’t have a charging cable, so that’s it). My wallet (because the chain is broken on it, plus it doesn’t carry anything of real value outside of a stack of various cards). A stack of notes that pertain to a close friends RPG setting (including carefully transcribed maps).

That’s all that in there for now. Now what crap is left in my old bag that I consider essential and need dragging around with me?

A scarf. Long like Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame, knitted for me by former colleagues (a treasured possession actually, but too big to fit in the new bag). A PSP, charger cable and long life battery. Erm. Haven’t fired that one up for many a month. A USB cable for my cellphone. Wireless headphone for my cellphone. A folding, waterproof keyboard (I kid you not). A few odd letters. Disprins. Eye drops. A red bandanna I used to use to keep my mostly shaved head from getting burnt (I haven’t cut my hair for about 5-6 years).

So, it might be true about a woman and their handbag, but hell, I’ve seen enough guys hauling around bags that I’m sure they can’t do without. As a writer, and a general technophile, there’s just a small stock of stuff I can’t do without. What’s in your bag, baby?


3 thoughts on “What’s in your bag, baby?

  1. Hah! In my bag is purse, change purse, sunglasses, moisturiser, numerous tissues for emergency manling-snot incidents, wads of receipts, pens, business cards, nurofen, feminine hygiene products (you didn’t need to know that, did you? šŸ™‚ ), my phone, my iPaq (a new member of the bag brigade), mint gum for pre-client breath freshening and lip balm.

    If that’s your new bag, I like it.

  2. Haha, I guess there’s got to be feminine hygiene products! And yes indeed, thats my new bag. I’m a shameless label basher, but then Dickies are well put together stuff mostly (awfully amusing that they are workgear in the US, and street wear here).

  3. I have to confess that I don’t have a bag.
    I have a small purse that I can slide my cell phone into, and try to wear something with pockets to stash that and my keys in…
    I guess because I lug a baby bag around (and a baby lol), I have enough stuff. That said… prior to baby I just used to have a small shoulder bag, very small. Purse, cell phone, keys, gum. I guess I’m a low maintenance kind of girl.

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