Tuesday, not a fun day (possibly)

Well, I’m not getting the response I was hoping for from my Werewolf pitch, and although I have 4 players, one of them notes that I should have 12 for the game to be good. Which is true. Drats. I’m so amped about the game, it’s a pity that I can’t seem to translate the very many hits on the post into possible gamers for it. The post is just down there if you want to sign up. We might well still get the total.

I started on my competition entry yesterday, getting a respectable 1,700 done on it. I should have it all finished up tonight. Maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about falling short of the 3,000 target. I remember last comp entry I did, my edits kept taking it over.

What to do after that? More short stories I guess. Maybe I might even write some more AP. I am having scenes in my mind.

My unoccupied mind keeps coming up with programming projects, even though I’m still part way through the last one I was working on. Writing before programming, warns my inner school marm. I keep thinking about writing games, because for some strange reason I can’t cope with imaginary characters getting it because of my lack of writing effort.

Super Zeny Writer was a curious little paper game I created. Super Ronin Writer was the same sort of game, but computerized. Super Zeny Traveler (the latest of my stupid writing game ideas) would be a combination of two. The point? Well, you have a character, who gathers treasures, explores and fights battles. How well they survive is directly proportional to your writing. If you slack off, he dies.

Brutal, but for some reason it got me writing weekends, and was an amusing diversion.

The idea might not get beyond the thinking stage. A lot of these ideas are very shiny and attractive to think about, but then I never get around to writing them. Do any of you have any incredibly strange motivations to write, beyond the usual quiet self bribes of something nice if you finish another chapter?


One thought on “Tuesday, not a fun day (possibly)

  1. No strange motivations, sorry. God I’m boring đŸ™‚ I just write, use my rituals to get me into the chair and go where it takes me.

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