A new week of writing

It’s a week of fun and games on my writing blog. I’m now campaigning rather hard to get a game of Werewolf up and running, and we still have 3 slots left if you want to participate in what promises to be a fun diversion for a few weeks.

Secondly, we are still taking votes on where the Alien Romp! will be taking place. Right now it looks like the invasion will be touching down in Possum Grape, Arkansas. What is all this tomfoolery? It’s merely a short story where you, the reader, have upmost control over the outcome. Watch for the next stage of this in the next week. In the meanwhile, head on over and vote.

Thirdly, Agents Provocateurs continues to fire forward. I think that the last few chapters of this set it up rather interestingly for the next lot to come. Right now, we are still a little while away from that, but check back tonight to find out what happens with agent Carter next.

The series as a whole has taken a rather firm grip in my mind, with each character looking to take a slightly different style. Tyler showing a hard, street side of the setting. Welles giving the high flying, super spy style, and Carter being the hardboiled storylines. Fun fun.

This week breaks the month of August, and the Sunday Star Times short story comp is due on the 28th. I’m hoping to get that sorted sooner rather than later. That way I might actually be able to polish it better and maybe a get a few options sorted.

Oh wait, final thought. A friend of mine Richy has set himself up a blog. It’s in it’s fledging stages at the moment, but tends to cover things hip hop for the moment (nothing wrong with that!). Should you be in the market for some cheap hip hop related clothing though, definitely head on over and check out one of his earlier posts.

So, what has everyone else got themselves set up for this week?


3 thoughts on “A new week of writing

  1. Goals my lovely, goals. I’ve achieved part of today’s goal by getting up at the ungodly hour of 5:30am to do the book club site maintenance, drink coffee, answer e-mail and check blogs.

    It took me three goes to write that. The brain to fingers link is a bit choppy in the morning 🙂

    And yay for Possum Grape! Looking forward to the story 🙂

  2. I’m like those super-fit, super-annoying people who only eat lettuce and steamed chicken breast and keep trying to sell you on the virtues of protein shakes.

    Except, you know, not fit 🙂

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