Werewolves …

I’ve run across a rather cool game recently, that is traditionally played in parties, but works rather well online as well. It’s called Werewolf.

Take eight people, stick them in a remote East European village (ok, I made that up). Randomly make two of them werewolves, and another one a seer, who can see the true nature of one persons soul each night.

Then, each night, the two werewolves rip someone to shreds. The villagers wake up and want blood. A lynch mob forms and before nightfall, someone dies.

Do they end up killing a werewolf, making themselves safer? Or one of their own? The game captures beautifully mob hysteria, finger pointing, backstabbing, lying and other such great points of human nature. Will the village kill off their two werewolves, or will the werewolves whittle the group to enough to expose themselves and destroy the village?

It would turn out that there is a huge following for this game online, with many variants and different possible roles. I think to myself (along with Cassie) that one could easily run something like this on a blog. Create a page for it, each day is a blog post, and the villagers squabbles and backbiting before the hanging could be done with comments.

So. That said, whose keen? I’m tentatively wondering if I can get 8 keen souls together to try a run of this game. Reply in the comments of this post.


15 thoughts on “Werewolves …

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  2. Heh well if you know anyone who would be willing, then send them our way! Cassie and I are rather enthusiastic about the whole thing πŸ™‚

  3. Somehow, he always manages to get me enthusiastic about these things! I figure it won’t take up too much time anyways, a little sideline fun to distract me from editing.

  4. Hey! We have played this quite a bit irl (had a big game last Friday in fact!) but have never played online.

    8 ain’t enough though – 11-12 is minimum with 14-15 the best amount!

    Count me in for a game though πŸ˜‰ perhaps may work using Twitter?


  5. 7 was the amount that I was involved with on the online game I played. It was a decent balance, given that it was online. But welcome aboard πŸ™‚ 3 players to go.

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  7. I tell you what, if you make it to the point of only needing one more person, I’ll fill the last space, and hope I can keep up πŸ™‚

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