What if writers were rappers (or visa versa)

Going for ghetto/poverty/obscurity to riches and fame is a typical theme of hip hop. Writing being one love of my life, the other is hip hop, and they are probably polar opposites. I see a lot in common between hip hop and writing, seeing the similarities probably because of my love of the mediums. And I guess a little of Cassie’s post made me think of fame. It’s the Aries/fire sign/sun aspected part of me. What kid doesn’t want to be hideously famous?

In my hip hop interests, I always lurked on the edges of the community. I ran NZ’s first hip hop dedicated website. I appeared on radio and TV because of my little site. After 5 long, hard years though, I gave it up, mostly because of the work involved, and the feeling that not much really came of it anyway. I still kept my love of hip hop. I just wrote about it instead.

Still, there is a sector of society that I interact with and when I tell them in a writer, they instantly think I’m a graffiti artist.

Maybe it’s the personal and quiet nature of writing and reading. Hip hop is loud and in your face, and audio. Visual. Can writers really reach that same level of fame and popularity? Even our biggest and most mainstream, the JK Rowlings, and Dan Browns, they don’t have the same sort of superstardom of rock and film stars. There’s certainly no bling to writing. Or is there?

This is probably a point that a lot of writers reach in their lifetime, I guess I just didn’t consider it might keep at me for quite so long. Why does one write? What should my goals be? Should I write because I enjoy doing it? Because I have a voice and I have something to say? Is the writing itself sufficient, or is there something that I want out of it. To be published. To be mainstream. To be famous. To write for the love, or to write for a small and appreciative following.

The personal and solo nature of writing is something that I find rather hard. It’s always easy to find like minded hip hop heads (as long as you aint too solitary to start with), but finding fellow writers and support can be a challenging thing. Ah, and the reaction! ‘Oh! You’re a writer!?’ There is a strange mix of disbelief and curiosity that comes with that little discovery, like it should be followed up with ‘I didn’t spot you for the sort that would do that‘.

Thank goodness  for the web on that regard, methinks. One definitely needs a support team on this road. I have to wonder how people would have done this before the web came along. Probably cafes and writing groups and the such. The thought is curious. A life before Nanowrimo.

One can still dream, I think. To smile and think what it would be like if writing made one as famous as a musican. Tasting fame would be an interesting thing. There’s probably a story in there somewhere.


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