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Messing around with BloGTK

There’s nothing wrong with WordPress, indeed, it is obviously my blogging site of choice. But if there is one thing that is particularly nasty about my poor computer, it is that it throws a fit when too many things get opened, or need processing all at once.

That would also include WordPress. Having said that, it certainly hasn’t stopped me posting at a record rate.

If there is something rather cool though, it’s using something other than my overbloated browser to post things on the web. That’s where I’m trying BloGTK, something that I’ve tried rather unsuccessfully to get set up before. I wonder if this post will go through without too much stress? Let’s see …

EDIT (on the WordPress interface): Hoo-rah. It works! So, do you have any useful tools that you use in blogging? Have you ever tried posting via email or the such?

EDIT AGAIN (for Merrilee): I should have probably mentioned this first time around. BloGTK is a Linux based piece of software that lets you post to your blog of choice from your desktop. I think there are probably other similar pieces of software that will allow you to do the same thing from the desktop in other operating systems.


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