A Sunday/Monday update

I spent Monday through to Saturday working, and this week is a short week. Right now I have today off and I’m sitting on my butt drinking thick, strong coffee, and basking in some well deserved warmth.

So where to from here? After a week of doing next to nothing writing wise, I think I probably have to regroup and head forward. There is a bunch of short stories that I need to get written and submitted, and would think it would be best not to leave them until the last minute. Of course.

One of the cool things I found while mining Novlr.com for goodies was this calendar that fits on one page. I’m not one for paper really. I do everything digitally. Yup. I don’t carry around a notebook and put down thoughts. I tend to let them stick like a thorn in my paw until I can get to my computer and write them down. I also have an electronic way of keeping track of my days and progress.

Having said all that, I might give this one a try, if I can buy myself a pencil. How do all you tend to keep track of when things are due? How important is it to you? Personally, I just like my spreadsheet to keep track of my word count. I love word count I do. And a lack thereof generally makes me feel guilty enough to get back to it.

So this week I have to get out at least one short story, methinks.

I did do something productive last week. I have AP in a collected format, edited and all ready to have a cover slapped on it. Once todays goes up, we will have another 6 segments before I run out, and the cliffhanger hits.

AP has probably been my biggest project this year, unintentionally or not. It’s rather obsessed me one way or another, and I guess it is somewhat interesting to see what volume of stuff I’ve generated for it in a relatively short period of time. I figure I have two choices. Chuck it in, or go even harder for another 5 datastreams and see how it goes.

Truth is, I’m sorta swaying towards another 5 datastreams. I see the whole AP world in my head fresher and meaner and nastier. I think by the end, the characters have developed and got themselves into a position where the next 5 datastreams will be really interesting. At least for me. I certainly hope the same goes for what readers I have out there.

It ain’t a book, it ain’t publishing. I figure that if I can get an audience out of it, maybe it’s my thing in writing. At least for now. After all this time, I’m still not overly sure what my goals with writing are. I am sure not a very happy camper when it comes to writing. I’m never very good at just going with the flow.

Freakangels is freaking great. It’s free. Did I mention it’s great? And yeah, after a day or so I’m almost out of new Freakangels to read. I’ll be up on par with Ruzkin soon. And that might be a bad thing.

Right. That will do for now.


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