Sweet writing resources!

Holy hell! I really need to get out more often, and when I say that I mean I need to get out online more often. I tend to stick to my typical friend writers and a small round of blogs, but once in a while something truly sweet comes along.

Novelr is something that I stumbled across, and it might actually be Merrilee’s doing. I’ve already downloaded a fistful of their recommended bits and pieces, and I still have plenty to read and absorb.

It’s not often that I come across good writing resources. Maybe there might be those of you out there who might have some? Do you have any links ferreted away? Any blogs about writing that you can’t spend a day without checking out?


2 thoughts on “Sweet writing resources!

  1. I’ve only got the ones on my blogroll. I’m sure there’s more out there though. Like you, need to spend time to find them 🙂

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