Messing around with code

screenshotWhat has this got to do with writing? Nothing at all. But I managed to spend about 5 or so hours making up that little thing to the left there.

What the heck is it?

Essentially a text based Civilization clone, with a fantasy setting, set up for playing by email. It took me countless hours just to get the data in it to save and load properly. Far too long for someone whose been programming since the age of 10. And still programming in Basic.

Tomorrow, I get back to writing again, most likely plotting and scheming, but I guess I had better get a move on. First comp closes on 15th August, which is just under a month away. If there’s anything good to be said about my Asus that I do all my writing on, it’s that it doesn’t have the faculties to run my little program up there. Less distraction, ’cause believe me, I’d distract myself good and plenty with that thing.

The eFiction Book Club is starting tomorrow, but has already posted it’s first reading round. Heh. I appear to have got myself into a fairy spicy discussion on the matter of honest and community. Only enough to remind myself why I tend to lurk, rather than not. I think I might back away quietly on this one. Stir the pot and then run away, as Cassie said. I hate heated debate.


3 thoughts on “Messing around with code

  1. I think self-pubbing and e-pubbing are things that are going to have strong opinions attached to them, at least until there are some changes. Not all debate needs be heated though, I think this will be a really interesting learning curve!
    Very good that you’re back into the writing. I’ve already forgotten what the august comp is lol shall have to take another look and see whether I have a story idea for it myself!

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