ASCII love

If you follow my blog for more than a week at a length you might notice that I have a thing about gaming. And coming up with too many unworkable game ideas that only get half implemented.

Over there is a rather cool image of a game called Dwarf Fortress, more complex and simulationist that a lot of professional games with 15 times the graphics.

To most people it probably just looks like a bunch of uncollected characters, but like writing, its a matter of something simple creating something rather fun and complex, despite its simple medium.

I occasionally get in strange programming moods, I figure that right now is one of those moments, as I plan to spend tomorrow messing around with code. What I wouldn’t mind now is a fun old game with a bunch of like minded people. Play by email has always been a rather fun diversion of mine. Course I’d have to see if I could actually program something PBEM before I could go down that path.

Come Monday I’ll be back to writing. Just not entirely sure what at the moment.


6 thoughts on “ASCII love

  1. Play-by-email is a great way of gaming, it’s not been very popular lately because of the big companies coming in with their games with amazing graphics. But this requires the user to not use any imagination. Play by email can be much more creative because you’re only limited by your imagination.

  2. Its so true. Also I guess, a PBEM game takes a lot of effort to think up what to write, and write it, and also requires a regular commitment to post often.
    But then again, MMORPGs require the same level of commitment – but I suppose they have instant gratification as they take you straight into the action.
    I think PBEM games still have a place, do you have any ideas of how to make them more popular?

  3. Hmm people do seem to respond to nice graphics, but I really think the focus should be on playability and a good story concept.

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