What next

I’ve edited more than I’ve edited since I worked on poor Tyson (poor Tyson). AP is all up to scratch (although I have to toss it towards Ruzkin for a second opinion). There’s just a few name corrections needed in Skycity (k)Nights, and Orbitals is all done too. An interesting offshoot that one, but it probably won’t see the light of day for a while. Dirty Heroes, which I was writing for serial during SOCNOC and abandonned halfway through, hasn’t been edited. I guess I’ll eventually get to that one.

What next?

Well, I did a bit of brainstorming for the various competitions that are out there (am I cheeky (or confident) enough to toss out my failed Huia as an entry) and most of the brainstorming was AP related. Maybe it’s time to see how SpecFic does in the NZ market in terms of competition entries. If AP does hit a second season, it is going to be a stranger and more curious read, I think.

I’m rather tired and neurotic at the moment, especially on the subject of writing. Most of it is life, but I think that if your life is also taken up a good part by writing, that both bleed into the other. Methinks I need direction, to point my tired self towards.

Tomorrow is a weekend, hurrah. I need the rest. At least work will be done in 3 more hours or so.


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