Almost done

Firstly, it looks as if Zombie! is leading over Alien! but if you think that the balance should be tipped, then head on over to the post and have your say.

Secondly, check out ol’ Ruzkin’s stunning new blog, the same blog but in a new and cooler place.

Thirdly, after a lot of reading and editing, I’m rolling into almost done with proofing AP. I figure I should give it to someone else to read. My impressions are generally favorable. Each of the datastreams has almost a slightly different flavor, and I remembered that I was going for the old pulp weekly comic feel, despite everything.

I might have lost sight of that small fact that this thing was something to write on when I didn’t have anything else to write on. Truth is, I’m writing on it to keep it coming out on a weekly basis, so I suppose that it might have evolved a wee little.


3 thoughts on “Almost done

  1. There is no question about it. Zombies beat aliens definitively because we’ve all wondered what a zombie holocaust would be like, and we’ve all planned how best to survive it. Aliens, on the other hand, are an unknown quantity. You don’t know what they’ll do until they beam down and probe your nethers.

  2. I’m scared to let your red pen near it, but I respect your red pen too! Your gmail address? I’ve proofed it all up, but editing on punctuation and such ain’t my strong point! Would be much appreciated my bro.

    Aliens are sitting at only 38%!

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