A trio of competitions, like Neopolitan

Right then, so literary competitions. Let’s talk about that for a moment. I’ve compiled my list, and it looks a little more grim than I had suspected. I’ve got listed three, due on the 28 August, and then 22, and 30 September. Only 3,000 words apiece, but still. That’s pretty close.

Should I do them all? Or focus on one?

I’ll have to ponder on that one. At the moment, I don’t really any ideas to write on yet. I could get away with writing three sci fi stories, and that would work for all three. I tend to fall back onto urban stories with comps. It worked for Huia. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do with this one. Probably should start it fairly soon, I guess.

Today is AP for now. I’m pondering on the future of the series. But we still have a rather lot to go on the series. Tonight is the last of the Welles datastream. I rather like Welles. It seems as if I have my trio of agents for the next part of the story, none of them all particularly well adjusted by the end of things.

Time to ponder. And edit.

EDIT: Ah yes, Alien or Zombie. I need your votes, people. You get to decide. What is all this about? You’ll know soon. Meanwhile, pop down 2 posts and lodge your vote.


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