Biding my time

I did finish off the last little bit of AP yesterday, as well as did some editing and reading of the original datastream, which was rather interesting in reading. Obviously, the setting and the style has come a long way since datastream 1. I had to do some retrograding on the terms used, link for example. Linking is essentially ‘calling’ someone online, but it wasn’t called linking (from what I can tell) until later in the series. Originally, it was just called calling or ‘opening a line’.

I want a book of AP. So to that degree the damn thing gets edited and put on Lulu. That will be my immediate project for the next little bit. I’ll probably stop writing, and edit for the time being, getting the whole thing up to some semblance of good state for publishing. It’s still pulp serial in my mind, but I will see it through.

Will there be a ‘season 2’? I think that the things that start happening in the next datastream really leave the whole story in an interesting place. Do I want to explore those places? Yes … sorta. I’ve been with these characters a while. I will admit it’s not top notch writing on my part. Some segments have gone out woefully scratchy and unedited.

It is fun, when I’m not scrambling to work out whose done what to who. But at the end, the first File (Lulu print book) will only be 5 datastreams, and 5 interludes (plus another 5 chapters of Skycity (k)Nights). Not a lot has happened over the whole thing. Other than the whole Constance thing, which is pretty much the glue in the half dozen or so characters of the setting.

There are a whole smattering of short story competitions coming up locally that I want to enter. I don’t really have anything that I can just send out, so they will have to be written from scratch. I figure seems I’ve created a setting with AP, I should try for an AP stand alone.

I figure that’s the plan for now. I really should write up a novel for local submission, but maybe I’ll stick to all these short story competitions for now. I never really did get myself an impressive resume of published works (stands at about 3 right now).


2 thoughts on “Biding my time

  1. I’m right behind you on the short story comps. It goes without saying that I’ll enter what you enter, just so you don’t have to suffer alone. I’ve got some ideas ready, which is cool, it’s just a matter of writing them. I thought I’d do a mini calendar with dates of the comps over the next few months so that we don’t miss any.

  2. I’m glad to hear AP got finished, but don’t rush to edit! Remember, the more distance you give yourself, the more obvious errors will be (and the easier it will be to kill the bad scenes).

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