So much to write, so little time?

I feel like one of those writers, hunched over his typewriter. With the latest short story done, I pull the page from the roller and toss it over my shoulder, complete. I’ve finished up the Chapter One Rewrite. It’s done and done. Published up here too, even if not polished. It never had to be polished, only written. And it is.

What next? Finish off Agents Provocateurs. Then I should start reviewing the text in preparation for Lulu. I’d rather get that sorted and out there, sooner rather than later. Will I have any takers? Actually, I’m not sure. If I have a fanbase for AP, they are a rather silent fanbase. Secret, like spies. Ruzzie, are you still keen with your deadly red pen? I fear asking it for an editors touch, but it needs at least basic editing before it goes to the pulp markets.

Merrilee, a present for you. I know how you like your free fiction at the moment. I haven’t had a chance to check out any of your reviewed fiction, but this site comes straight from Neil Gaiman, so it gotta be good.

What else? Not sure actually. I’m still not mended from my sickness yet, but launching myself back into things all the same.


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