Sickness calls

A stomach bug incapacitated me for two days, cutting off the flow of writing for the meanwhile. I’m halfway through the Chapter One rewrite of Lord of the Rings. I managed to get out a rather impressive 2,500 words in one sitting. I figure that I’ve got another hour or so in that project, and then onto the last interlude of Agents Provocateurs.

I figure with SOCNOC out of the way, I should be moving onto something else. There are a few calls for submission on the way on the horizon that I should attend to.

I had vague thoughts of trying to get published again locally next year, in a fairly big way. Attempting all the possibly calls for submission, perhaps put together a novel idea in November. I aughta be hearing back from Huia sooner or later on whether I got accepted on this round of the short story comps.

For now though, lazy weekends, post SOCNOC.


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