SOCNOC 2009: Day 29 (prepare for landing)

I’ve done about 800 or so words on datastream 5 of AP. I think I’m standing at about 2,500 words left before I hit the 50k target. Which will make me complete. I should be able to rattle that out without any stress at all come tomorrow, but I wouldn’t mind putting together a few more words today. What’s left of it.

I’m running on about 50k as well with the AP project as well. I’m about a full datastream and a bit from what’s currently running publically. Datastream 5 is finally Agent Carter’s turn to shine.

The thing is, I’m pretty much up to a point where I should think about putting it all together, editing and proofing it a million times over, then offering it on Lulu as a dirt cheap pulp fiction, or for a full ebook format.

But, I do plan on doing something a little cunning. Putting some Lulu only content in the print version. I don’t know that I really have all that many fans of the series that care enough about the print only content, but it’s a fun idea all the same.

So, could this be the birth of Agents Provocateurs: Eyes Only? We may yet see … not sure that really, in the 50 or so thousand words overall, it makes for the most organized read.

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