SOCNOC 2009: Day 29 (last post)

I’ve just completed another hour or so’s writing, totalling up about 4k for the day, and a total count of 50,173 words.

Mission complete.

SOCNOC done.

27 hours writing, 21 cups of coffee. Obviously, seems I’m one day ahead, a bit over 1,667 words per day average written. My spreadsheet tells me that I’m at 1896 words per hour this year so far, with a total word count of 134,155 for the year to date.

It’s finally done.

How do I feel? Well, relieved more than anything. I was feeling awfully nervous for a bit there. But I don’t know that I feel the great sense of accomplishment that comes with writing 50k in a month. Not too sure why. I’m not so good on the celebrating part of writing. I just tend to pump out the words, and that is that.

So, in the end, I have a novella length of Dirty Heroes. A shorter AP spin off; Skycity (k)Nights, and Orbitals. Which were fun to write, but only a bit of time reading will work out whether or not they are worth anything. I have more confidence in the AP spin offs than I do Dirty Heroes, but we shall see.

Tomorrow, I’m still writing on AP. I’m up to the last segment of datastream 5, and heading up to what I think is a decent cliffhanger. And from there, I want to put out a crushingly climatic interlude, which will mark the end of the first printed Lulu book. What do I do with the online content? Continue the next week, like nothing happened? Or make people wait? Again, we will have to see.

So, today has been a rather busy day on posts, as well as writing. Good stuff. I shall allow myself a smug feeling of accomplishment, I think.

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