Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

Imagine my delight when I picked up the DVD copy of Ghost in the Shell, looking for my copy of Fallout, and discovered that all that time, it was actually Ghost in the Shell 2, wrongly placed in a Ghost in the Shell DVD case.

I haven’t seen Ghost in the Shell 2. Until now.

There are two things you can expect when getting yourself seated for a Ghost in the Shell movie. Well, there’s only two of them, but that’s enough for a trend. Expect incredible animation. Expect long diatribes about man and machine that you will most likely lose you after five minutes.

In this one, the main character shouted; “What the hell?! Can we get back to the question please?”

Innocence, the second Ghost in the Shell movie, has these two in abundance. It also has a very long scene that would probably be very entertaining if you were high, panning about (this time) a temple and parade in progress. The first film did this with the city that it was set in.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad film. It wasn’t great either. It looked sumptuous, and had a rather cool and tricksie scene that confused me, but I liked. I think I understood the plot which is always a challenge, and got the point of the film. This also eventually leads into the Ghost in the Shell series; Stand Alone Complex. Which wasn’t bad.

Have to admit, if you want to see what the future might be like with a true man and machine blend, this imagining of it is probably fairly spot on. Subconsciously, my wetware from AP is not all that dissimilar in execution from the movies e-brain. But while I’ve gone the biopunk route, Ghost in the Shell is totally cyberpunk.

For fans, it’s a must watch, I would guess. For a newcomer to the setting, go back and watch the first film. While it stands alone, it helps to have the background to some of the things that pop up near the end.

4 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

  1. I’ve always felt that GITS-SAC took what the two GITS movies wanted to do and did it a hundred times better, faster, shinier.

  2. It’s unfortunate that sequels rarely tend to be as good as the original. I can’t really think of any off of the top of my head. I, personally, think it’s because those producing the sequel tend to hope that the success of the original will be enough for the sequel to “ride on”. It’s rarely the case, though, which is disappointing.

  3. Ruzzie, yeah I think GITS-SAC did. I didn’t appreciate what it was trying to do with its stand alone/complex arcs until a lot later though. If you want cyberpunk though, its up there right next to Bladerunner in my book.

    Chibi, yeah, this movie was pretty much the same thing, done with slightly more pretty visuals. There are a few killer scenes though, especially one involving a whole series of robots engaging in martial arts, when they essentially have no joint problems like us poor humans. It’s fast, slick and creepy.

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