Semi random thought for the day

Just musing out loud, as I tend to spend the quiet parts of my day thinking on writing and coming up with all manner of rather unusable ideas. But what about this for an experiment. Or a challenge. Take your favorite book, or at least a book that you know particularly well, and rewrite the first chapter in your own style.

I wonder what Dune would be like if I wrote the first chapter of it?

I’m not sure what to make of this idea, obviously it’s just a bit of harmless fluff for writers with too much time on their hands. But it might be a bit of fun.

Semi related, as I was thinking this at the same time as thinking about SOCNOC too, I wonder what all those people who have only managed an abortive 1000 words or so have come up with. It would be rather interesting to read these little gemlets. Scraps of novel startings that might have had so much promise.


One thought on “Semi random thought for the day

  1. You should chuck that up as a challenge on KW, I’d do it. I think in some ways it would be an excellent learning tool to show people how to rewrite things – often easier to learn on someone else’s work (kind of like critiquing others work is easier), but in this case you’d be rewriting someone else’s work and turning it into your own. Rewriting is a very underrated thing, sometimes a piece doesn’t just need editing, it needs to be rewritten.

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