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Phantom 2040

Before I had seen Aeon Flux, there was this particularly tasty piece of cartooning. I used to almost skip college classes to watch Phantom 2040, a TV series that was screened back in about 1995.

A near future version of the Phantom story (which I never much liked anyway), the character designs were done by Peter Chung, the creator of Aeon Flux. It was an epic story that had all the things I think a TV series should have as a bare minimum. Character, plot, development of both. Unlike most cartoons, things didn’t reset to zero after each episode.

With a huge corporation bent on world domination, robots struggling for their own recognition, and the world quietly going to hell in a hand basket, Phantom 2040 was some pretty cool stuff.

Curious I guess that I see a few parallels between it and the extended Agents Provocateurs world. I really have to come up with a name for it. The world that is. Orbitals, my latest AP off shoot, borrows an idea that was touched on very briefly in 2040. That is, the idea of orbital independence.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this series again. I think it is out on DVD, but probably pretty rare, being going on nearly 15 years old. It’s rather scary to think of the age there.

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