SOCNOC 2009: Day 17

Not as much as I wanted to write today, but 2200 is nothing to laugh at. Much. I’m less behind than I was, but can’t afford to get too complacent. And I won’t. Mark my words. Not after the embarrassment of the last few weeks!

The story is progressing well. Satre is still an asshole, although the conversations between him and the newcomer to the status quo, Officer Juliet Watson are almost a little like Lector and Starling at points. Creepy. I then wondered what he was up to, being all psychoanalytical. Then I wondered if maybe he was a criminal. Wouldn’t be surprised.

Ended on a rather cool note, while staring up at the sky, watching something that Satre couldn’t, because he has no wetware with which to see it, Juliet says ‘You can’t see the world that we take for granted every day’. Satre replies ‘no, it’s everyone else that can’t see the real world, I can see it fine’. Poetic I thought, and moving the story in new directions.

Shortlist for the next possible spin-off candidates; a story following a bunch of teenage actor/singers, which explores celebrity and identification of self in a world where ownership of self is less possible. Read, ultimate fandom. The other idea has skipped my mind …

EDIT: Ah! I remember. The other idea had to do with the ‘online’ world. That is, the world even beyond the physical that is overlaid with blipverts, feeds and hyper real link calls from your friends.

Short version, I’m finding it rather liberating to run sidewards in the AP world, exploring the possibilities of the setting.


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