SOCNOC 2009: Day 16

Sleazy new project indeed! I don’t often fall prey to bigger and better ideas. I tend to stick to just one and see it through. But given that one of the requirements of SOCNOC is that you complete 50k on any project, or a combination of projects, unlike Nano which does require it to be one novel … I figured that my situation required something drastic.

Dirty Heroes isn’t done for, but it ended in a decent place to pick it up should I feel it warrants it. I might go back over it and see if it’s worthy.

Having said all that, I’m starting to wonder if dear Satre is perhaps so much an asshole that people won’t want to read him. He really is an asshole. But I’ve hit an unexpected twist in the whole idea. Satre also has no wetware, in a setting where everyone pretty much carries in their mind a powerful computer that partly conceptualizes the world around them.

In short, Satre without wetware is like using your computer without the monitor turned on. He almost can’t operate in the world he lives in.

This idea has popped up in AP. It’s called Ghosting. Which basically means you’re not online (sorta illegal). Meaning all systems pick you up, but the computer in your head doesn’t respond because it’s not turned on.

In short, curious writing. Moreso than I figured. But Satre is still an asshole.

Because I can, I may swap again at 15k to go on the project, and explore another area of the AP world. Originally I did consider a project like this for SOCNOC. A collection of short stories, or a number of novella ideas.

But, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. My daily output for the last two days has been around 3,200 words. Rocketing along. Doing well.


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