SOCNOC 2009: Day 15, half way

Curious. Today, in an effort to lift my game, I ditched Dirty Heroes in favor of something I made up almost on the spot. Skycity (k)Nights, something that is a strange offshoot of Agents Provocateurs. It sated an idea that I’ve had in AP for some time, that is, how do police work in an environment where everyones every move is recorded, where technically, almost nothing is hidden.

It’s the dirty underside of utopia. The lead character, a cranky (hopefully not too) House-esque Detective Satre points at a dead body and exclaims; “That’s your utopia, your crime free society.” He goes on to rudely rant and rave about everything from mankinds stupidity and brutality, to life in general.

I wonder if it’s any surprise that I wrote 3,665 words or so today?

No idea if anything of the text so far is readable. Satre is an even bigger asshole than Craig Welles, one of the oldest agents in the AP series. Agent Welles turns up in the latest installment of AP launching tonight. He sates my want to see what it would be like for someone who had worked a long time in the Agency. I think it opens up some interesting storylines along the way as well.

Maybe it’s a good fit to my mood at the moment. Writing is a good release like that. I’ll have to see what comes out the other end at the end of the month, to see whether its worth doing anything with. And yeah, with a bit over 20k written at the moment, I’m confident again I can finish 50k in the month.

So, a fresh start?


2 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 15, half way

  1. Haha, this is what is known as the “sleazy new project” which comes to captivate you with it’s new, shiny idea. Sleazy new projects often knock on your door when you’re stuck on your current project and the love is gone.

    It’s great that you got 3K+, but I hope you’re not going to just abandon the previous work 🙂

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