SOCNOC 2009: Day 15, 7:38am

Thanks for the encouraging comments both Ruzzie and Merrilee. 30k in 30 days is indeed a pretty good writing I think. I guess I won’t complain at whatever results come out of the effort. Heh. I think if anything, this has taught me that I aughta write weekends! And maybe not look too much at word count. But having said that, one has to keep their eye on the word count in a word count challenge.

Something shall have to be done today though. Not too sure what is to be done, other than writing lots. We will have to see. I will report back tonight of course.

Having said all this, word count has never been a problem to me. I can put out 2k in a sitting merely on the fact I’m a qualified typist who works on computers a lot during the day, and have since I was a youngan. As a rule, I usually write before work, 1 hour at a sitting.

<shameless plug>This serves double. I get to write uninterrupted for a while. I get to sit on my ass and drink good coffee at Fat Dog, Rotorua. Not only do they serve great coffee, but they play good music and in this frigid day and age, they are one of the warmest places I know in Rotorua right now. And greatly friendly.</shameless plug>

I sometimes write during my second lunchbreak (which is only about 35 minutes or so). By this time, 4pm, I’m getting towards fairly tired, but I’ve done some good writing then. Other times of the day, early morning, after work (8pm) are usually reserved for life and email.

So I guess that in terms of output, I don’t have a problem when I put my mind to it. Having said all that, this month so far has been a hideous one health and work wise. Some months just don’t co-operate.

Right then. Write now. Report later.


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