SOCNOC 2009: Day 12

No writing today. Not a good thing. The gaps are widening a little more, and it means that I will have to pull a hard weekend. There comes a point when recovering from a shortfall becomes a real struggle. I think that a 50k challenge can be done easily in a month, but one has to stay on top of their game.

Of course, I find myself fitting something that ends up being the bane of quite a number of dedicated writers; real life.

Ah yes, work weeks that feel more like 7 days straight. Bad weather, poor health, they all add up. In the end, we are only human. Hah, but easy enough for me to get philosophical. My mind thinks fevorishly about the tactics of catch up. Strangely, I’ve thought almost nothing about the actual plot this time around, more about the approach. Hopefully there’s still something decent to be taken of my tale of woe so far this month.

Updated stats block tonight. Or tomorrow, should I be hideously slack.


2 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 12

  1. Hope you do manage to get some writing done. I’ll be around to harass you somewhat because I HAVE to get that Collection formatted, oh and my own writing done too of course.
    Even though you are getting further behind, I still think you should aim for having one day off everything over the weekend. You really sound like you need the break.

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