SOCNOC 2009: Day 11

The mind is a tricksie thing … so says Merrilee, but it’s rather true. If it’s not busy trying to tell you that you can’t write worth crap, or maybe you could skip today and do something fun instead, it’s always trying to trip you up. Whether you personify it, or call it your inner editors, or the bird or devil on your shoulder, it’s still the same thing.

The mind is a tricksie thing.

Merrilee gave me some very sound, yet at the same time very counternormal advice. I see the point and the merit in counting down rather than up to 50k. It’s true. It’s far easier to trick the mind into the downhill run rather than the uphill climb. But hell if this whole thing isn’t set up against us. Nano gives us the little charts. We record our wordcounts going up, rather than down. But we can trick the mind.

Today’s been the rather exhasting culmination of a rather exhasting week (and still a day to go!), and my mind isn’t so tricksie, because it’s rather braindead instead. I only got about 700 words written, while pondering work instead, but I did get a chapter finished up and another started. I have to be careful I don’t whine about my lack of progress or anything like that, because it isn’t too productive.

Which does make me think that I’ve done little in the advice department this ride, so far. I would point you at the Kiwi Writers klog, which has some rather beautiful advice on a number of subjects, to help you chip along on your June project. Hopefully, if you’re anything like me, you’re well into it, and have a sense of being ‘in it’. That is, I’m well enough in that the project has cemented. Things are still in the fresh and almost honeymoon period, but no doubt, we are closely running up on what is known as the dreaded middle novel.

When I get there, I’ll be sure to blog on that particular nasty.

I’ll have to update my stat block tonight, with a new approach on the numbers of the thing. Thanks again to Merrilee on the art of enveigling the mind.

EDIT: Wow, thanks Merrilee, that does look a lot less offensive and a lot less daunting!

34638 words to go, 19 days. Target of 1,823 words tomorrow. Current rate is 1,396 words per day. 8.5 hours total. 7 coffees drunk.


2 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 11

  1. good luck tricking your mind – hope today isn’t going too badly and that you find some time to get a little writing done!

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