SOCNOC 2009: Day 10

So, lets go through my head for a moment, a scary thought. One of my internal editors, one of many of slouching, 40 oz guzzlin’ vatos sitting on the stoop of my minds eye is looking at me in the same depreciating way they always do. But maybe today he has something better to add than ‘you can’t make 50k in a month, ese’. What I think as I stare at my mornings effort is;

“I can’t make 50k in one month, not at this rate. Hell, I’ll have to write weekends!”

Then why don’t you actually get off your fat ass big guy and write, shock, during your lunchbreak. Actually pull finger and write more than one hour a day.

“But I can’t write during lunch break. It’s only 30 minutes long, and if I write 30 minutes, then I won’t have written about 1,800 words which is about the length of the chapters I’m aiming for.”

So why don’t you just write part of the chapter, dumb ass, and write the rest tomorrow morning.

“But, but, but, but … then I’ll be part through a chapter.”

So how else are you gonna make up a 4k shortfall? Not by writing 200 words above the target per day.

“Fine. I give up. I’ll freaking write.”

And so I wrote extra today, putting in extra work, and even though it wasn’t as much as I would like to do in one sitting. What’s the lesson here, other than my mind is strange? I guess it would be that even if you can squeeze in 10 minutes, and kick out 100 words, then it all adds up in the end. Every word counts.

14,093 words written (should be 16,670, shortfall 2,577), in 7.75 hours. 1,818 words per hour. 1,409 words per day. 6 cups of coffee drunk.


3 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 10

  1. Ah ha, you got it 🙂 It’s not failure if you write every day, and every word adds up. Keep at it!

    And here’s a tip from my awesome budget coach; don’t count the shortfall. Because it makes you feel psychologically that you are behind the game, and means that it’s harder to work forward, because you always feel you are pushing to catch up.

    Ooh, and here’s another handy tip I read somewhere; count down, not up. Apparently it tricks the brain into thinking it is going “downhill”, which it knows is easier. So instead of saying “I have written 14,093 words”, you say “I have 35,907 words to go”. As that number gets lower every day, you get a psychological boost. See? Doesn’t 35,907 look easier than 50,000? Already your brain is going “I can do that!”

    Ah, that tricksy brain. Always trying to fake you out.

  2. Hmmm …. but that would mean reversing everything I’ve ever done! Well, I guess I could give it a try. Blame it on Nano, who gives you that little bar graph! But surely one should be mindful of the shortfall? How else can one make sure that they provide for it? Other than the internal editors 🙂

    I’ll certainly give a try to the downhill though!

  3. Instead of saying “I’m 2500 words behind”, just make sure your daily goal incorporates the shortfall, i.e. instead of doing 1000 per day, make it 1100.

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