There has never been a better time than now


Section 17 is a top secret government department, in the Republic of Oceania, beyond the knowledge of even the Secret Intelligence Service. Their mission; to infiltrate and entrap corporate entities, allowing the Powers That Be to prosecute and limit their power, in a future where utopia is almost a reality.

Constance is Section 17’s top agent, the legendary Template. But when her loyalty is tested, she is denied an answer on whether she passed, and put on permanent leave. Then worse, with agents and handlers dying and vanishing under the influence of the very corps they are infiltrating, a Code Black is called, plunging the Agency into self imposed silence.

Constance is called on to ascertain the leaks. Her results have profound implications. Not only does she discover their government minister is a leak, but herself also, when she discovers that she is a ‘joint project’ between Section 17 and a Nippon corporation.

Now, with the Code Black still in effect, Constance has vanished. Untraceable. Section 17’s remaining agents face the isolation alone, without the support of their Agency.

All that’s left is to pick up the pieces.

Agents Provocateurs is a serial updating weekly on Mondays. It combines elements of biopunk, spy fiction, action and intrigue. Some influences include the likes of Aeon Flux, Bladerunner, Natural City, Renaissance, Ghost in the Shell, Minority Report, James Bond fiction and Spooks.

It follows the undercover and personal lives of a number of agents, handlers and their technical support in a dangerous near future where technology is knitted unavoidably into every citizen.

There has never been a better time than now to log in, and join the future. Follow Agents Carter, Welles and Burrell as they fight for a society free of corporate control.


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