SOCNOC 2009: Day 6

I didn’t have a chance to blog yesterday, what with my rather full day and traveling to Auckland at curious times of the night. Thank goodness for decent roads and fully charged iPods. I did get a decent amount of writing done, and counting what will be a non effort today in writing means I’m down about 1000 words. Nothing that can’t be recovered … but by Tuesday …

The story is going fairly well. It’s coming out rather strange. Doesn’t feel like my usual style, but then, having said that, samurai epic isn’t my usual style. Think that it’s not too bad though. It should make a decent serial with luck.

I’ll check in tomorrow. Now in wet and cool Auckland.

9055 words, 5 hours writing, 1811 (~ +100) words per hour. 947 words behind. 5 cups of coffee drunk.


2 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 6

  1. Man, don’t let that gap widen. Once you hit about 5000 behind it’s almost impossible to catch up.

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