SOCNOC 2009: Day 4

Firstly, hi again to Ruzkin! Heh, I average about 1,900 words an hour at the moment, but I don’t know how much of that is usable stuff … but having said that, I’ve spent almost my entire life around computer keyboards, and did Typing in HS. So I have an excuse I guess.

Completed chapter 4 today, and it’s coasting along rather well. The characters are getting to know each other. Slowly. It’s a strange write so far, but not bad. It’s almost like Quest Fiction. As in, start here, go there, and adventures along the way. That is, The Hobbit.

This weekend is almost certainly out for writing at the moment, but that’s ok. I think that I’m well enough ahead that a few days off will be ok. I need to make a dash to Auckland to visit a friend. I’ll still be updating on my (non) progress over the weekend, whatever happens.

Until tomorrow, for now. Write!


7088 words, 4 hours writing, 1772 (~ -100) words per hour. 4 cups of coffee drunk.


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