SOCNOC 2009: Day 3, 4:18pm

Chapter three is out of the way, and finally I get onto the part of the story I don’t know about. All three characters are now all in one place and ready to scrap. I’ve hit 5429 words, which puts me in good stead for the weekend, should I end up being slack. Let’s hope not. Maybe this 50k challenge around I can finish with time to spare.

Special shout out to Chibi for the support! Can’t be slack at this early stage, even though being slack is so easy.

I also need to make mention of my Canuck friend Marc slaving away (in the not so cold temperatures I might add), and I notice that he’s doing well at 4350 words! Check his blog link down in my blog roll and give him a hearty shout from all us NZ competitors.

Nothing too much more to add at the moment. Feeling ok about the whole thing for now. Will be interesting to see how the characters interact tomorrow.


5429 words, 3 hours writing, 1809 words per hour. 10% through. 2 cups of coffee drunk.


2 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 3, 4:18pm

  1. Oh, Congrats! You’ve made it over the 10% mark, so you’ve just got to do the same thing, 9 times over! Right? Haha…

    Good luck, and I’ll try my best to get ahead of you for an hour or so because of the time differences… 😉 And yes, it’s a balmy 19 degrees up here and warming up; late spring, apparently…

  2. That output is HUGE. I’m struggling to get 500 a day with Alpha Slip at the moment. THE DREADED MIDDLES.

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