SOCNOC 2009: Day 1, 3:35pm

As you can see, right now we are still sitting on the launch pad. I’m not sure if I’m going to write. Perhaps later tonight. It’s rather typical that I don’t go with the main crowd. I don’t think I wrote on the first day of Nanowrimo either. The problem being here that my output per day is enough for me to be lazy.

Ah, but I should launch with the rest, because that would be the team spirit.

Damn you SOCNOC for starting on a Monday. Or is it damn the Queen for having a birthday that coincides. No, it’s someones fault. Probably mine for not writing!

Don’t fear. There’s still a chance for a launch today. Maybe a little later tonight when I’m in a warm bed, recharging my laptop for use tomorrow. Never fear. We will get there.

Current frame of mind, obviously lazy. Unmotivated? Probably. There’s a problem having a high rate of writing. Last check I was just shy of 2,000 words an hour for the year to date.

Oooh. While I think about it. I’ve recently turned off my spellchecker. You know. The think that says while you’re writing ‘this is spelled wrong’? The little red line? I found that I kept seeing the spelling mistakes and going back to fix them. Turn it off! Turn off all your distractions fellow writers and heads down!


One thought on “SOCNOC 2009: Day 1, 3:35pm

  1. I should turn mine off, lol but I guess there aren’t too many most of the time thankfully!
    I’m pretty sure that you didn’t write day one of NaNo, I vaguely remember giving you stick about not starting out the way you intended to continue…

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