Music for the masses

I’m a hip hop fan at heart, from way back. Although I wasn’t when I first discovered hip hop in college of about 1992 or so. It was something of an embarrisement to remember my first memories being Naughty By Natures OPP, rather than the even older classics of the time.

About now though, it don’t much matter. The younguns these days wouldn’t know who Naughty By Nature were …

Having said that, my iPod has a hideously eclectic mix that perhaps reflects my strange listening habits. A playback problem sidelined it for a bit, but now that I’ve applied the latest patches and software and such, it appears to have fixed itself. So. What have I got on my iPod, which is packed just in time for SOCNOC?

There’s the stuff that won’t embarrass me. All three Naughty By Nature albums. A bit of Army of the Pharoahs. A couple of months worth of the True School Hip Hop Show (a New Zealand hip hop radio show). Some DJ Qbert. Operation Stackola, by the Luniz, probably the first gangsta rap album I owned.

Plenty of local music, from Ethical, to 4 Corners, Adeaze, Feelstyle, a number of Kapisi albums, countless Breakin’ Wreckwordz mixcds.

A goodly amount of reggae and dub, but again, it’s local stuff. Black Seeds, Fat Freddys Drop, Katchafire, Kora.

In the curious department, I’ve got Orishas (cubano hip hop), the Gotan Project, an electronica album that’s also the unofficial Aeon Flux soundtrack, Grace Jones (cause she’s decidedly fierce), Prince (because he’s decidedly prolific and talented). Also, almost every Grand Theft Auto station since GTA3.

There’s a little jazz, whether it be Ronny Jordon, Miles Davis, Maxwell, or Herbie Hancock.

A countless number of soundtracks, whether it be countless ones by John Williams (he did Star Wars), or Hans Zimmer (Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean fame). Plenty of stage musicals, the film and stage version of Phantom, one version of Wicked, and the film version of Moulin Rouge.

Then finally probably more 80s music than there was in the 80s itself. I grew up in the 80s, so I guess it’s allowed. That and it gave me the ability to spot almost every hip hop sample during the 90s.

All that and a whole lot more. I think I’ve done about 20gig of the 80gig my iPod does. And I’m not counting the movies.

I don’t often listen to music when I write, but I might this month around now that I’ve got my iPod stored. I have got a crapload of samurai type music sitting on my computer at the moment. Stuff that could be easily loaded up for writing.

So, now my secret and not so secret shames have been aired out, what does everyone else have hiding on their iPods. Don’t be scared. And what are people planning on listening to for the month of SOCNOC?


One thought on “Music for the masses

  1. babies grizzling, children talking, cats meowing, you know, the normal – I wish I could listen to some music, and maybe I’ll find a way to slide some on there.

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