SOCNOC prep: T-2 days

I wish I could say I was doing more than sitting on my ass, just reading stuff and watching TV. Truth is, it’s a horrible day outside (the sort of weather for writing). Kill Bill vol 2 is on tonight, although I only saw half of vol 1 last week. I’ve been reading some Samurai Champloo too. So maybe all this is setting research?

No. No writing. I feel like I’m ready. With luck, someone will drag me kicking and screaming into writing on Monday, else it’s a late start on Tuesday. Bring it on I say, I’m ready.

Mentally I’m fine. I’m thinking about revisiting the setting a little, making it more real Japan of 15th-16th century, but I’m still pondering that.


5 thoughts on “SOCNOC prep: T-2 days

  1. Drag you kicking and screaming? I can do that!
    It’s FREEZING here today, real chill going on, am more thankful thank ever that we have a working laptop for June!

  2. I’d say be careful what you wish for, because it sounds like Cassie just might make that come true! lol SoCNoC is still two days away for me, so I’m going to try to do some writing today. I hope that you’re feeling more invigorated today (it sounded like you were going through something of a blah day). Try to remember that getting a good jump on Monday can only give you the motivation you need to keep going on Tuesday. 😉

  3. Heh I’d be interested to see if she can kick my butt into working on a long weekend 🙂 We may yet still see though. Good luck when your 1st comes around!

  4. He’s going to avoid writing by being ‘away’ on gtalk for the whole day. I bet, just watch…. you’re just chicken that I’m gonna kick your ass on the first day out of the stables, and I’m only doing HalfNoc 😉

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