SOCNOC prep: T-3 days

I have faultered, being the last working day of the week. Rather than working on character backgrounds I just swung into a new datastream of AP (datastream 5). Blah. It’s been a long week, and I’m rather looking forward to a long weekend. Right now, the last thing that’s on my mind is SOCNOC. Has anyone else been following along though and has managed to keep their strength up? Heh, I’ve noticed that since I’ve stuck on my SOCNOC prep posts, my hits have been steadily falling away.

Fear not. Come Monday (or Tuesday) I will throw myself into the new month and the new project with zest and all. I’m sure I will feel far more positive about it all come then. Right now I’m just rather liking the familiarity of AP (although I’m having doubts on that too … maybe I need to publicise it more) rather than anything new and bright and shiny.

A short post. Not much more to say. I shall still post tomorrow though, even if I slack like I know I will during a weekend day.


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