Aeon Flux fan fic

Reacting after the point as always, there was a search that came to my blog via the above search phrase. I love me my Aeon Flux. And when I say that I mean the old cartoon, rather than the new movie, which is still pretty good as far as things go.

Unfortunately, no Aeon Flux fan fics here, but I did consider writing AF rather than AP when I was considering what serial to set on in with. Notice a similarity between Aeon Flux and Agents Provocatuers. Aeon has even been called an agent provocatuer.

Not to say that AP is just AF set in NZ. But it was one of the many influences in it. There’s something sexy and cool about the super spy herself. I appreciated the complex and adult nature of Aeon Flux when I was younger.

Given the technological nature of the Agents Provocatuers it wouldn’t be hard to do a cross over and a match up between Aeon Flux, and Constance. Given Constance’s non lethal way of doing things, it might be a very hard fight though … I’ll give it some thought. It would make a rather cool interlude I think.

So in answer to the question that came to my blog, unfortunately not, but hopefully some Constance will still take your fancy.


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