SOCNOC prep: T-4 days

Four days until we blast into orbit. I have worked today on Sanjuro and Jinnosuke. Again, I would post my scattered results here, but given that I want to release my story eventually as a serial, I don’t want to give away too many secrets. But what did I do? Pretty much as I said I would. Just wrote everything I could think of them. Nothing all that exciting came out of their backstories, I must admit. But then, I get the feeling that I’ve written these characters before in different skins. I hope that more comes out of them during their writing.

My mood on the writing front is fairly level at the moment. Still tired, and still feeling so-so about the project. But again, I’m feeling that come Monday everything will explode into action and fun. Planning, like editing, is not my favourite thing about writing.

His family dead /
There is only one thing left /
That thing is revenge

There is the haiku for chapter one of the serial. Or at least it probably will be. I’ve decided it might be cool to put one at the start of each chapter as a flavor of sorts, for what is to come of the chapter. I’m not sure I’m all that good at poetry, and haiku are about the closest I’m gonna get to that particular genre.

So, tomorrow, Friday. Last day of the working week before the long weekend. We need to work on character number three. Or at least, as it’s turned out for me, working on Kazuo and probably putting more into all three characters. I like these guys well enough. I had thought that I had the end of the serial sorted, but after doing this work, I think I might have to think again.

Write on, dear readers.


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