A new week, the last week

Just a short post before I head to work. One week until SOCNOC. I expect that my interactive fiction project is totally shot in the gut now. I haven’t touched it since last week. ‘Don’t worry,’ say the internal editors. ‘You should be focusing on writing, not interactive fangdangery …’

Fine then. Another excuse. Back to writing then?

I’ve done with AP datastream 4, so it’s a painless interlude that I’ll write today. Then Datastream 5. This one will be an Agent Carter one I think. Then I’ll have to settle on the same bunch of characters, given there are so many millions in the series thus far. What about Constance? Well. Indeed. Exciting times (I hope).

I think I’ll start my preSOCNOC stuff on Wednesday. That gives me plenty of time to get ready, as well as guide and advise. Again, I hope. I can’t claim to be the right way of doing the art of writing.

Back tonight.

One thought on “A new week, the last week

  1. We all have our own ways, and you way is no less valid than anyone elses! It’s always neat to hear about how someone else is doing it 😉

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