SOCNOC 2009: Rally cry!

The Metservice tells me that it’s about 5 degrees outside, and a few nights back it was a rather horrid -4 degrees. The sun might be out, dear friends, but that doesn’t fool me. I know it’s utterly freezing. ‘4 layers are recommended to remain comfortable in these conditions’. I’d rather stay inside, thanks, with my heat pump, blankets and laptop.

This is the sort of weather that Nanowrimo was born of.

Cunningly placed in November, it provides us with just one less excuse not to write. Because, face it. It’s freezing outside. We’d rather not rug up and dash out into the cold. All good for those Northern Hemisphere folk. Sitting through November for us is even more difficult with all that sunshine.

Ah, but June is about to roll on in, and the cold weather is snapping in strong, making us feel just like our American, or British friends did during that horrible month of November. This June, we have one less excuse not to sit down and finally get out that novel.

People, SOCNOC is upon us!

There is one simple and universal truth about writing. To do it, one has to sit down and actually write. Not think about it, or plan it, or talk to your friends about your next big idea. You have to put bum on seat (where ever that seat may be) and get words on paper (even if it’s digital paper), taking it all one page at a time. That’s what writing is all about, taking one step at a time, whatever that step happens to be.

Right now, one week out from June the 1st, that step is committing. It’s dreaming the impossible dream, or finally taking the plunge, because 2009 is the year that you’ll give it a try. SOCNOC, like writing, is taking one little step at a time. Sign up, dear friend. Put your name down amongst those who have taken the first step.

Signing up is like buying a ticket to that great, exciting ride that is SOCNOC. It’s a terrifying thought, as the line gets closer and closer to where you’ll be strapped in. What if you fail? What if your ideas aren’t strong enough? What if you can’t do it? The best thing about SOCNOC is that you’re not on this ride alone. There will be people with you, going through exactly the same things. First time novelists, published writers, writing enthusiasts, all kinds of writers, from all walks of life.

Won’t it be fun though? With all those people riding with you?

So, as the sharp and horrible wind lashes outside (and you know we’re in for even more bad weather, gone are our balmy summers) make that first step, good friends. Make those few brief clicks to commit to SOCNOC this year. Join all those others that will be battened down tightly, riding the month out as the weather gives us its worst. You won’t be alone in this endeavor.

I’ve done Nanowrimo twice now, but this is my first SOCNOC. I wasn’t going to enter either, but fate conspired and 2009 will be my first year with my Southern Cross writers. I intend to stick at it, and blog daily about my highs and lows, what I’m doing, and how I’m getting through, for the good or bad.

Also, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been through more ideas than I’ve had hot dinners this week. Next week, I’ll also blog a series of pre-SOCNOC preparation posts as well, running up to the fateful start of June 1st. We will all be well prepared when we strap on our seatbelts for that great, month long ride!

So what’s your excuse for not joining SOCNOC this year? As I wrap my blanket about me, put on the kettle for another pot of Earl Grey, I sure know it isn’t because you’d rather be outside. Sign up today!


8 thoughts on “SOCNOC 2009: Rally cry!

  1. Fab post! I can’t wait to read about your first SoCNoC experience and that of all the other amazing writers who are participating this year as I travel half way around the world. 🙂

  2. I was going to try SocNoc, but I’ve just finished NPI and I think I need a break for a month. Too much filling in required in the manuscript, which requires serious thought rather than just pumping out words. Maybe next year.

    But good luck, and I’ll be watching!

  3. Ah pity Merrilee! I was going to try and drag you and Ruzkin into the madness 🙂 Nothing like a bit of writing frenzy to clear our the sinuses. Thanks for the comment tho, and I hope the month will at least be decent blog reading.

  4. I’d never heard of SOCNOC before now, but I think I’ll leave it ’till next year – too many projects to work on without the pressure of a completely new novel! Even so, it sounds pretty epic. I’ve done (and won) NaNo once, and that was brilliant for building the rhythm and dedication that it takes to write a full novel, so maybe SOCNOC is the next challenge?

  5. SOCNOC is just the Southern Hemisphere version of Nano. Man, I’ve seen your word counts, Ruz! You could bang out the needed 50k in a few weeks at your writing rate!

    Is your email account valid on WordPress? I sent you off a pretty sweet buildering article that I came across a few days ago.

  6. Also, you can keep working on your WIP’s for SoCNoC – no need whatsoever to start a new novel! Go on, sign up, enjoy the companionship that this kind of challenge brings 😉

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