And so the wheel turns

In the weeks leading up to SOCNOC I find myself perhaps needlessly panicking. I’m busy working through my interactive fiction but losing confidence in the whole project. I want to jump back to writing AP. Ironic, given that it was a series to work on when I needed something to write on, not because I wanted to write it. If that makes sense.

Right now SOCNOC is up in the air for me. I did mention that I had my idea sorted and it was liberating and good. Well yesterday I pondered as I went through my work day and no, I don’t know that I’m going to work on the project I intended.

I could write about 30 weeks worth of AP, my mind tells me. I think that might be the death of AP. By the time I ever needed to write another datastream for it, it would be months and months down the track. I might even forget what I was doing.

I could write an entirely new serial and spit it out every Friday. That would be sorta cool … then I could just write 50k worth of it and just release it bit by bit.

Ah the things an uncoordinated mind will tell you. Things you want to hear.

Truth be told, I’ll probably leave it all until the last moment and just choose something next weekend. Queens Birthday. Then launch into it on Tuesday, one day behind. Darn typical.

Thanks, by the way, to the many new Agents Provocateurs readers that are checking out the blog and the serial! Hope you’re enjoying the ride.

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