Thinking about the next project

So June is coming up fast, which means SOCNOC. It would appear that I’ve changed my mind on what I’m doing for SOCNOC almost as often as I change my socks (and when I’m on my feet a lot in my job, that’s a lot). Let’s have a looksee at the writing clock and see how things are shaping up at the moment.

Two weeks, just under for the rest of the month. My goal was to get the first part of my interactive fiction all sorted. Right now I’ve chopped that into two bits. This week I work on the characters of the piece, next week I work on the puzzles of the piece. It’s going to be pushing it. Seriously. But then I could always use a push or two when it comes to that.

June starts on the 1st (naturally), which is also a Monday. I seem to be swinging around on what I aughta be writing this June. I wanted to start on a new novel. Then I wanted to work on short stories that totaled 50k. Now I’m back to a novel again. Good old Pope. Who I’ve been sitting on for a while, because I’ve not really sorted out all his details so well.

But what if I didn’t and just throw myself in and know that it won’t be perfect the first time around and have fun with (uuh) editing the second draft. Then it would be ok. I could wack out a first draft. Thinking about it like that, that I can make more mistakes than not, seems strangely liberating.

So, at the moment, it’s probably gonna be 50 or 60k of Pope. The story of a down and out kid who sees the world slightly differently, and doesn’t know he’s the only one. Thinking about it sorta reminds me a little about the movie Fresh, in that it’s a story about someone who deals with his surrounds in the only way he knows how. The thinking way, rather than the physical way.

He also has a form of synthasia, which might be a rather difficult write in itself.

So for now, its on and on with the IF WIP and see how much of that I can get done in two weeks. Note of Cassie. Doesn’t this years SOCNOC start on Queen’s Birthday Monday? One surely cannot write on the Queen’s Birthday.

One thought on “Thinking about the next project

  1. Sure we can write!!! Who said that writer’s get holidays??? Gee, slacker… lol
    Sounds like a good plan you have going on there, and I really think that easing up on yourself a little bit and just writing during June is a good idea. You can always fix up mistakes later – but you can’t fix up things that you haven’t written in the first place.

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