Sick like a sick thing

It would appear that the Cassie effect is wearing off, and my traffics dropping back to almost nothing again. I just need another celebrity to tops off so I can get traffic again … the things we do to get hits huh?

I am sick like a sick thing. Have been since Tuesday. Which is a pain for several reasons, one being that I haven’t been able to do much more than flounder on the couch, being tortured by Oprah and Doctor Phil. Tomorrow I have to go back to work, because I might otherwise go crazy home again another day. But I think I’m well enough to do that.

That, and I also need to send off my Huia entry, which will require some very last minute technological ballet. I’m confident that I can get it in, but hell am I cutting it close. Blame it on the cold.

I’m following the latest shuttle mission, mostly via Twitter, which is doing an excellent job of telling me exactly when anythings going down. I still don’t think that the shuttle missions get half the excitement that they aughta, or maybe I’m just remembering the excitement I never saw back in the 1960s of space flight?

The shuttles mission is certainly far more exciting than the Mars 500 mission. Which I’ve forgotten about almost. I read BBC almost daily and I’ve read nothing of the mission in mainstream media since it launched. Bah.

NASA’s Twitter told me when the Shuttle Crew (who sound like a rap crew) went to bed, and when they woke up 7 hours later, and what song they woke up to. Wake up calls are an interesting thing in the shuttle missions (ok, only to me maybe), but it did make me wonder what wake up call track I’d get.

Right. Sleep up good, me. Wake up well enough to do tomorrow on two feet rather than on the couch. I think I should do fine with a couple of litres of orange juice in me.


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