That makes sense

Well it seems like my 100 or so hits haven’t come from Cassie’s blog, just from her keyword that I use as a post tag. Seems like something about Puff Daddy and his such and such and nude photos. Well, I guess people were disappointed coming here and finding nothing nude. Having said that, hits were still up on AP. Good stuff.

Tonight sees the release of a new Datastream. What’s this? Constance is back? We shall see. Stay tuned dear recruits!

I remembered that I had to kick out my entry to Huia as well. I’ve done and done it, and given it to Cassie. She’s going to give me feedback on it, but I’m at the part of things where I’m over it and want it away. I’ll delay a day so she can read it though.

Not sure about todays efforts. I mean to write more AP, to keep on par with what’s being released, but will most likely work on my NPCs in my IF WIP.


One thought on “That makes sense

  1. lol, at least it wasn’t nude pics of me!!! Some other Cassie being nude though? gee, I thought we were more classy than that 😉

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